Learn to Play Guitar Easy and Quick – Tips and Techniques to Learn Fast

Most people often have less patience when it comes learning any instrument but of course if you are willing to learn and you are resourceful enough, you can actually learn the guitar fast if you also learn some tips and techniques on how to do it.

If you also have the determination to really learn the instrument, you will also find yourself playing the guitar in just a short time and not in years. If you are interested to learn to play the guitar easy and quick, here are a few tips that you might find useful.

– Learn, memorize and master the chords. You don’t have to master them all at once though. Start with the simplest and the most basic. From there, you can also learn the other complex chords easily. Get yourself a copy of the chord chart. This will be your guide in knowing the placement of your fingers in every chord.

– Start with the simple basic chords such as G, A, C, D or the simple minor chords such as Em, which you can often see in simple songs. Keep in mind also that mastering the sharps and flats only entails you to move a fret up or down in the fret board, so if you know the basic chords that would be a lot easier to master.

– Learn the basic strumming patterns. Yes, you may be too impatient that you may want to play like Santana or get to play your favorite song, but always remember that learning overnight is next to impossible, and you have to keep in mind that those master guitarist today also started from the very beginning. Thus, you have to start with the very basics and that includes the basic guitar strumming patterns. You can learn the guitar picking later if you are done with the basics.

– Find a simple song that only has the basic chords you have mastered and play it again and again until you get to move your fingers on the fret board easily up to the point that you can move them up and down without even looking at your hand.

– Practice everyday. Indeed, practice makes perfect and if want to learn to play guitar easy and fast, then you also have to practice everyday. Set aside a few minutes each day to learn something new and practice. However, it is important to learn the basics correctly as well. It is also a wise move to practice with an expert so that you will be guided accordingly. It is important to practice the correct technique as developing bad habits with your playing can be a little difficult to correct later. Get a good resource, or have someone who is an expert in guitar playing to help you with your practice.

With the convenience of the internet these days, you can actually find video tutorials as well as online tutors that will teach you the basics up to the advance levels of guitar playing. You can also get a software that will also help you master the instrument as well.