Home School – 5 Steps to Leadership in Action With High Value Education

Homeschooling, a sleeping giant of the American Education system, increases leadership ability in children. Using critical thinking options missing in public school arenas, home schoolers have succeeded in bringing leadership to the front in educational options.

1 – Students perform all tasks possible for self care from an early age.

As young as 9 months, babies begin moving around enough to start doing their own thing. Once they begin to move, moms encourage them to pick up their toys. By making this process a game and showing them how it’s done, children begin to learn that picking up is just as much fun as playing and the process becomes a part of their actions. As soon as a child is old enough to perform a task, they begin performing that task regularly. Even a toddler can help with laundry by folding wash cloths.

2 – Reading to children is the first step to education.

Reading all kinds of books to children from the womb to teenagers, improves their interest in reading. Instead of movie night, what about a book night, where the family sits around the living room or dining room table and reads a good book. After children have learned to read, encourage them to read a paragraph or a chapter. The ability to read out loud improves the desire to read. Promote reading by actively participating in it as a family.

3 – Give up the control issues and encourage your children to take responsibility for an activity.

On long trips, hand over the map to a child. Better yet, set a budget and hand over the planning to your child. Require a written budget and details you can check over before you leave, but encourage your children to plan and confirm your family vacation. By checking prices with no credit card in hand, they have to check with you and you will have to actually make reservations, but the price checking is done for you. It’s better than a personal travel agent. This can apply to any event.

4 – Education can be child’s choice.

Is your child interested in the structure and building of dams across America? Why not encourage your child to study them in depth. Building charts, graphs, reports and ultimately if possible a visit to one of the many dams across the continent would be beneficial. Incorporate history, sociology, math, English, science and many other incremental studies. By finding an organization where your child might be welcome to present his findings (Corp. of Engineers might be able to help with this topic), your child gains leadership experience firsthand. Any topic can have diverse learning opportunity, just look for the options.

5 – Become active and involved in community activities.

City Council? Your teen may have remarkable ideas for learning and education. Some teens run for office. Your teen may improve your community. Church and youth interests can be more than fun. A missions trip planned by teens with appropriate leadership can be a skill builder as well as a leadership experience. No matter what your teen is interested in, there is a group or organization somewhere that would welcome his interest and involvement.

Making the right choices for your family may mean home schooling and balancing child centered interests as well as adult influence. Bring the educational system to life by incorporating a learning lifestyle in your home.